Immigrating to Singapore

Migrated to Singapore

Hey everyone! This is Mitchell.

After the lockdowns in 2020 hit, it became too difficult to continue running my business online selling hardware with all the logistics nightmare all around the world.

Thankfully, I have built up a sizeable financial reserves and decided to live in Singapore, where I got a permanent residence since 2008.

As a result of that, I have decided to, like many expats have done so, to simply retire in Singapore!

Luckily for me, Singapore seems to be recovering quickly from the lockdowns, and many of the establishments and businesses locally are reopening now!

In fact, Singapore is even having its Elections this coming weekend! Not that I have anything to do with it anyway, as I am not a citizen but a Singapore permanent resident only.

Anyway, cheers, as I convert this business website into my personal blog about living in Singapore instead.

In meantime, thank you so much for the years for supporting!

And look forward to sharing more posts with you on this site now…

By Mitchell

Mitchell was an online E-commerce hardware businessman who has since retired and immigrated to Singapore where he is living with his wife and 3 kids as a permanent resident in Singapore happily ever after!

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