Immigrating to Singapore

Life Goes On In Singapore – Reopening Hurray!

Life in Singapore since July 2020

As you can see from my last post, I have immigrated to Singapore, where I had held a permanent residency since 2008, which was quite a long time ago – over a decade!

Now, it has been tumultuous months for many people, and for many countries around the world.

How about Singapore? Thankfully, it is going pretty well since, and I will share more of what happened below in Singapore.

Since July 2020, there was the General Elections in Singapore, and the end result was that the PAP still formed the government, but lost significant traction to the Worker’s Party.

Alright, enough of politics, let us move on to actual life stuff.

Singapore has been very steadily and progressively reopening the country, and has since seen no detected spike in cases, and that is a welcome relief. Whether that is actually very few actual cases in reality, or just very few detected cases, no one knows for sure. But boy, I’m glad that the local Singaporeans are not as paranoid as people of other countries, perhaps especially compared to current Democrat states in the USA – particularly California! Then again, I have never lived there.

Ever since my last post, Singapore has been reopening, and has fully entered Phase 2, which is basically resumption of nearly all activities except for stuff like opening night clubs and all, though Phase 3 is going to start soon and is expected to happen sometime in October 2020. I guess it’s time for me to start dating Singapore girls!!! Just kidding, I’m married to a beautiful Singapore woman.

I am so happy I made the choice of having lived in SG, and instead of draconian and ridiculous lockdowns happening, it is safe and relatively fast reopening! Life goes on!

By Mitchell

Mitchell was an online E-commerce hardware businessman who has since retired and immigrated to Singapore where he is living with his wife and 3 kids as a permanent resident in Singapore happily ever after!

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