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5 Popular Districts In Singapore For Immigrants To Live In!

Here are the five most popular hotspots that many new permanent resident immigrants or even expats to Singapore love to stay at! There are no rental restrictions at all in Singapore, however, you may want to read whether foreigners are allowed to buy property in Singapore if purchasing is what you are looking at instead.

Holland Village

One of the most popular places since years or even decades ago among new permanent residents and expats alike, Holland Village has an entire neighbourhood and town which closely resembles the setting and vibes of many Western suburban towns around the world.

With lush greenery all around, luxury residences and good food, it has consistently ranked most highly among new permanent resident immigrants in Singapore as the most popular spot for them to live at in Singapore.

New immigrants and their school aged children tend to want to live around this prestigious district in Singapore.

Clarke Quay

Situated right at the heart of many bars, clubs and night entertainment venues, the residences around this Clarke Quay area is hotly popular among expats. While most permanent residents prefer slightly quieter but still vibrant places such as Holland Village, short term expatriates tend to love living around the Clarke Quay area.

East Coast

This is another popular place in Singapore where many new Singapore PR like to stay at. The East Coast of Singapore is especially popular with younger permanent resident families, as it offers equally good food, good schools and similar vibes to that of Holland Village district of Singapore, but is generally slightly cheaper to buy or rent here. Additionally, it is also more convenient to access multiple heartland shopping areas from the East Coast regions rather than Holland Village area.

Tanjong Pagar

While some new Singapore PR opt to stay in Tanjong Pagar district – which is still considered part of the Central Business District of Singapore, it is largely populated by foreigner expats. This is because most expats have their working offices within the CBD area of Singapore, and rent a place nearby so as to offer themselves easy access to workplace to reduce commute time.


This used to be a big hotspot for a new immigrant to Singapore to want to live at – until the prices for both rentals and purchases for properties on Sentosa island skyrocketed till prices that can even make the priciest New York penthouse pads look dirt cheap.

There was a big crash in prices afterwards, and nowadays, Sentosa is relatively sparsely populated, but the bulk of the people living there are still mostly new permanent residents or expats, and rarely any native born Singaporeans.

However, something unique about real estate or properties on Sentosa is that they are all only 99 years leasehold tenure, and the tenure for most landed properties and condo developments mostly started over a decade ago. There are also absolutely zero restrictions on the citizenship status of the buyers when it comes to landed property on Sentosa. That is unlike the case on mainland Singapore. When it comes to residential purchases on mainland Singapore, only naturalized Singaporean citizens or permanent residents who have had their Singapore PR status for over 5 years can apply to the Singapore Land Authority for permission to buy landed real estate.

By Mitchell

Mitchell was an online E-commerce hardware businessman who has since retired and immigrated to Singapore where he is living with his wife and 3 kids as a permanent resident in Singapore happily ever after!

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