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Apply For A Singapore PR Early If You Can

I am a big supporter of being a Singapore permanent resident, though it will be harder to get a Singapore PR application approved in the coming years or decade to come. That is why you should apply for a PR status as soon as possible if you intend to live in Singapore over the long term. The following are reasons why I strongly believe it will only get harder to get a Singapore PR over time.

Increasing nationalistic sentiments in Singapore will cause criteria for permanent residence in SG to increase in future

An increasing amount of countries around the world including Singapore are seeing increased nationalistic sentiments. As a result, incumbent government parties or newly minted government parties are now placing more priority for jobs and more are given to local citizens and permanent residents first – which is also the case in Singapore. However, to achieve this, the qualifying criteria for new permanent residents in Singapore also have to be increased steadily but surely over time – so as to sustain steady immigration growth while keeping its citizens and residents happy.

Singapore is largely a relatively right wing, conservative and capitalistic country and nation since its founding in 1965. Ever since then, it has embraced globalism for a while, though that quickly backtracked in the last one to two decades, as that only drove up prices of local property, and gave priority to foreigners over locals for jobs. As a result of that, the government has quickly pivoted back to its roots and putting its own citizens and permanent residents first.

However, being a country which is heavily dependent on international trade, it cannot depend solely on local demand to drive its economy. Therefore, it still has to take in new citizens and permanent residents to keep its population strong, and economy moving forward. One thing that the local Singapore government is trending strongly towards, is increasing the qualifying criteria for work passes – for instance the E Pass and S pass issued by ICA. This trend is then expected to flow over to the eligibility requirements for permanent residency too.

If you too, enjoy living in Singapore, and you are already here on a E pass or S pass, I strongly recommend that you apply for a Singapore PR as soon as you can – if you eventually intend to get it anyway. As mentioned above, it is only expected to get tougher to get a Singapore PR status over the coming years.

By Mitchell

Mitchell was an online E-commerce hardware businessman who has since retired and immigrated to Singapore where he is living with his wife and 3 kids as a permanent resident in Singapore happily ever after!

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